Exhale and Ride Along

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You’re ’bout to see something you’ve never seen
Give it up for Sifu Alan Green
Thanks a lot I need you all to stand up in a line like that
Now I want you to focus on my hand

This what I call the Super Flying Palm of Death
You were supposed to fall down on your backs
Anyway, how ’bout a brave volunteer
I’m gonna show you something else
Watch me, I'mma trigger my third eye sense

I'm the one
The only one
No other one
Let me show you one more time

My record is 95-0
And I can teach you all
Everything you wanna know
Gotta run, gotta go
Another town, another show
Thanks for all the dough
Signed books by the door
Be sure to check my videos
Subscribe and all
Ichi, Ni, San Go
See you ‘round, love you all
Domo arigato


Take a seat, I’mma tell you how to get it made
A few do ups (and) hits here and there
Tommy gun or a Gat or a Chopper
Earns you the „Man of Honor”

Amico Nostro
Let’s get you a name
Io sono il capo
Just do as I say

If we’re done with the talk let’s muscle in
We whack that rat, Boss Mickey Finn
Had enough of the Irish mafia
New kid, you’ll be riding shotgun

Amico Nostro
Let’s get you a name
Just do as I say

This blood means that we’re family
You live by the gun and the knife
Don’t whine in the face of misery
Don’t look at another man’s wife


Eyes of the southern sun arrive
And they’re electric
But we can take it all
Initiate desert protocol

A pantheon in the sand
The all majestic
We came to honor them all
Exhale and ride along

Trails of giants
They’re but timeless

Dunes on the horizon, they divide
Cuz we’re expected
And we can hear the song
This is where we belong

A key floating in the air
For us to take it
Now we may open the lore
A library of a sound galore

Trails of giants
They’re but timeless

Elders and monuments…
And pretenders shall fall
Firstborns and artifacts
Pretenders should fall

The Black Door

I don’t think we’ve met before
Can’t recall seein’ you around
Why don’t you come a little bit closer
I wanna peel you down

(Now) throw your clothes on the checkered floor
Take this blade and take the crown
There’s a black door on your right dear
I wanna peel you down

Soon you will fade and you are initiated
The flames consume you alive now, can you take it?

We won’t meet each other again
But I will watch you close from here
Choose a name and a chain, girl
And raise your glass

Never speak my name in vain
Don’t you ever speak of me
Enjoy the goods and the spoils and the cheers
The fancy cars and suites

Soon you will fade and you gonna be outdated
Time will consume you alive and you gonna hate it
Soon you will fade and you gonna be outdated
Time will consume you alive

Hope you understand what you took upon yourself
Once it’s made you cannot break the spell
Hope you understand
That you belong to hell

Tour Guide Gary

This is Midnight Valley
We’re deep in the woods alright
Get your flashlights ready
Boy, you all are in for a ride

Rest is necessary
Let us camp here for the night
The woods tend to be scary
Don’t you wander out of sight

I dare you to stare into the void
(This is) the home of the Bear-Anthropoid

Blow at the base of the fire
And pass that blunt to your right
Give me back my lighter
I’m just gonna look around

And while you’re busy being high
I summon the beast for a bite
Sorry but I’m a liar
And you all die here tonight

This is Midnight Valley
You never should have left town
My Bear is hungry
And you’re stoned out of your mind

This is Midnight Valley
You should have all stay home
'Cause it’s the very place where
You’re all going to meet your doom

The Man Who Has Everything

You don’t need anybody, so just stick with us
Never had a host like you before
We grant all your wishes, we’re almost envious
Can give you all you want and more

We know what you want, and you know what we got
For the man who has everything

Do you wanna be a duke or a king or an emperor?
Do you wanna conquer all the world?
Wanna sail to the stars, to the sun, to the great beyond?
Do you wanna know all that ever was?

Hold tight, we let you see, what you wanna see
The bond here between us… it’s almost complete
We are forever and we’re good company
Though we sting a little bit, wouldn’t you agree?

We know what you want, and you know what we got
For the man who has everything

On the Loose

All you mothers, check the backpack of your daughters
You might be shocked what you will find
There’s a new kid in town, He no Charlie Brown
He’s a menace and a thief

He walks around with a boombox on his shoulder
Listening to D.C. rock
He sells weed on the street, let’s not be misguided
There’s no such thing as soft drugs

What’s next? House parties? Burning Bibles?
Alcohol? Orgies? Slashed tires?
Y’all know, what to do – start a fire
Let’s burn all the tapes and amplifiers

As for little mister drug-dealer-low-life-rocker
We’ve consulted the chief
But why the hell you’re eating donuts during city council?
Have you been smokin’ weed?

Child's Play

Mutilate your friends with strategic precision
Collect all them Mega Swat 6 inch figures
Battle for secrets in the catacombs of Zhan-D’or
Master the action between good and evil

You gotta have ’em all
With all their vehicles
They’re now 25% off
And fully poseable

Choose the shock troopers and jump into action
Command the GI Forces of destruction
Foul forces are no threat to your freedom
Best your enemies in the most ruthless fashion

You gotta have ’em all
With all their vehicles
They’re now 25% off
And fully poseable

Each sold separately
And you’ll choose wisely
Manufacturers assure quality

Each sold separately
And do choose wisely
Manufacturers assure you